I wrote, hosted and produced seasons 2 & 3. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Here are some of my favorite episodes:

The Pesticide That Launched the EPA | 309 

What If Half of Earth’s Soil Disappeared? | 307

The American Chamber of Horrors | 306 

Cause of Death: Poisons Pt. 2 | 304 

The Rise of Forensic Toxicology: Poisons Pt. 1 | 302 

Sabotaging the Nazi Atomic Bomb | 301

Body Farms: What Can We Learn From a Decomposing Corpse? | 205

The life-saving drug that caused a pharmaceutical nightmare | 204 

Antibiotics: It’s Complicated | 202 


My “passion project” podcast. I hosted and co-produced each episode. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Check out our trailer.