Choose a program, have a life

September 8, 2017

As I formally accepted the offer to join my Ph.D. program, the massive weight on my chest began to dissolve, my shoulders relaxed, and my headache subsided. Choosing a program had been quite the roller coaster ride, filled with uncertainty and sleepless nights. “Phew, well that’s finally over,” I said to myself. But just before that moment of relief, I felt a brief but intense wave of panic: Had I made the right choice? More than 4 years later, I think I chose well, and I hope that my difficult decision process offers some tips, and some solace, for others who are struggling with similar decisions. Looking back, I see that the key was realizing that it wasn’t enough for a program to meet my research interests; I needed to weigh factors outside the lab as well… [Continued in Science Magazine]

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